Katie Scott a London-based illustrator is inspired by natural studies and the history of botanical art. Her beloved themes are fauna & flora, which she developed for our candle collection. Five psychedelic botanical drawings with a surreal twist. 

'For this collection we wanted to each design to nod to the fragrance without being too literal. That gave me a lot of creative freedom to interpret the scent and make something more on the fantastical side, as apposed to the quite scientific work I’ve been doing recently. It was also important that each candle sat well with the next, that they worked as a collection as well as individuals. Its great to work on a project like this, where even once the candle has finished these pots will have a second life in people homes, I like thinking about what they’ll be used for' Katie Scott

Polkra collaborated with Katie on five brand new scents; English Garden, True Jasmine, Wild Fig, Portobello Oud and Moroccan Rose.

Each ceramic pot is 600g made in Portugal & then filled in the UK using natural wax.